Direct Email






Much like our Display Advertising, our direct email allows us to target based not only on demographics and geographics, but also consumer behavior and interests.  Our database of email recipients are completely “opt-In”, and is Can-Spam compliant, so you know your email is permission-based advertising and not intrusive.  More than half of the global population now uses email. Radicati released updated figures early in 2019 that shows the total number of active email users has jumped to 3.9 billion.  Just as a comparison, there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide.  Email is a great way to create new customers through reach, branding, educating your clients, compelling offers, event announcements, seasonal offers, and more.

You Choose Who To Send It To

Reach the right audience.  Think of it as Direct Mail, but in digital format and with more precise targeting!

Large number of Targeting Options

Our targeting selections are immense, ranging from B2B & B2C, Age, Income, Education, Ethnicity, Geographic, Hobbies/Interests/Affinity, Home Type, Presence of Children, Purchase Intenders​, Political Affiliation, and much more.

Guaranteed Results

We Guarantee a minimum of 10% Open Rate and a 2% Click Rate.  Although our campaigns typically exceed this, you have peace of mind that your message will be seen and read and engaged with.  If we don’t hit these minimums, we will send out small batches until we do.

Transparent Reporting

Within a week of your email deployment, you will receive an easy to read, detailed report of your email with such information as open rate, CTR, CTOR, mobile vs desktop usage, heat map of clicks, and more.